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Rubber Dummies were inspired by the inability to find a safe and effective target for use in defensive handgun training. As I moved around a traditional paper target, I found that the shots were not only difficult to place but also did not truly represent shot placement on a 3 dimensional figure.
Searching for a 3D targets, I found very few options; all of which were either very expensive or available only to Law Enforcement and Military Training Facilities. Plastic and steel were not viable options as steel targets are too dangerous for high compression shooting and plastic targets don’t hold up very long and leave a mess at the range.
Rubber Dummies were the solution. They are made in the USA from 100% recycled materials and give instant feedback as to shot placement on an accurate 3 dimensional figure while allowing the shooter to shoot from any distance or angle and survive 1000’s of rounds. The Dummies are now being used as training aids by several companies, recreational shooters as well as Military training facilities.

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